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Considering Composite Bonding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know…

Composite bonding is a real all-rounder; whether it’s chipped, discoloured, decayed, fractured or exposed teeth, it has you covered. It can even fill gaps between your front teeth (if you’re not fond of them). It's the answer to many of your dental woes - this treatment promises to have you smiling proudly for all to see.

Sounds great! But what is it?

During your composite bonding treatment, your dentist will fill any gaps, cracks or chips in your teeth with a tooth-coloured resin (with an almost putty-like consistency). We'll then mould the resin to fit your teeth and harden it using ultraviolet light.

Does it hurt?

Simple answer – not in the slightest! It’s a completely pain-free and non-invasive procedure. No injections or drills are necessary, only a clean and polish at the end.

Is it expensive?

Composite bonding is one of the most affordable procedures available and provides a cheaper alternative to veneers or crowns, which can be more costly.

How long can it last?

Although bonding is a temporary solution, the treatment can last for up to 10 years. We’ll check on your bonding at every appointment to ensure it’s still at its best – if not, we’ll get things back on track.

Can bonding fix crooked teeth?

Bonding is a great way to even off even the most subtle misalignments. The composite resin will be carefully sculpted to ensure a flawless, natural finish. If teeth are severely crooked, we may recommend orthodontic treatment first.

Can I have composite bonding?

We offer you a FREE consultation before any treatment. If we’re happy that you have a good level of oral hygiene and have a problem that bonding could solve, we’ll give you the green light!

Your local composite bonding treatment

At New Smile Fulham, we offer expert composite bonding treatment to transform your teeth and create the new smile you’ve always dreamed of. Find us a short 11-minute walk from Imperial Wharf station or 13 minutes from Wandsworth Town station.

Email us on to book a FREE consultation today.



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