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Here’s how to get a perfect smile just in time for summer

Although it might not feel like it right now, warmer days and longer nights are well and truly on their way! Summer 2023 begins on the 21st of June, under three months away, leaving you more than enough time to transform your smile with cosmetic dental treatment in Fulham.

As a private dentist in Fulham, we offer many effective solutions to fix a wide range of dental imperfections, from misaligned smiles to missing teeth. In this blog, we’ll show you just how easy it is to get a perfect smile in Fulham this summer.

How can dental imperfections affect your confidence?

For many of us, summer is a time for socialising with family, friends, and loved ones - whether it’s barbecues, beach trips, walks around the park, or hours spent basking in the sun in a pub garden. These events can be a lot of fun, but perhaps not as much for those who feel self-conscious about their smiles.

Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves - not just for the summer months, but all year round! When you choose to visit a cosmetic dentist in Fulham for dental treatment, you’ll give yourself the most important gifts of all: self-confidence, positivity, and motivation to make the most of everything that comes your way.

Which treatments should you choose for a perfect smile in Fulham?

When it comes to creating your perfect smile, you have so many options at your fingertips. The right one for you depends on what you’d like to change about your smile! As a private, cosmetic dentist in Fulham, we have an extensive treatment list for you to choose from. This includes:

Composite bonding

Are your teeth looking worn and tired? We can’t say we’re surprised! Think about it - you use them every day, and they constantly come into contact with acidic and sugary foods and drinks.

Tooth wear is very normal, whether it’s chips, cracks, uneven surfaces, or discolouration. Luckily, composite edge bonding is the perfect way to revamp your smile effectively and efficiently - and you won’t need to drain your savings account to cover the cost.

Composite bonding involves the use of dental composite resin which is carefully colour-matched, then moulded into the desired shape and bonded to your teeth. The process takes just one visit and is a low-cost and non-invasive option for many cosmetic issues.

It’s a versatile treatment and a popular choice amongst patients looking to create a perfect smile in Fulham. It doesn’t just repair the damage but can even fill small unwanted gaps between your teeth to create a fuller smile!

Teeth whitening

Teeth can become discoloured as easily as they can become damaged, especially if you’re fond of strong-hued foods and drinks like red wine, beetroot, turmeric, and tomatoes. Many patients come to us concerned about the stained appearance of their smiles.

Nothing looks better in summer than a sparkling, bright smile. At New Smile Fulham, we offer teeth whitening treatments that are a powerful way to elevate the appearance of your smile in a short period.

Whitening works perfectly on its own or alongside other treatments to create a natural-looking result.

We offer at-home and in-surgery whitening treatments to fit your schedule and treatment goals. The former option involves wearing trays filled with whitening gels during the day or overnight as you sleep, whilst the latter requires one visit to our Fulham dental practice for a whiter smile in just one hour.

We recommend combining whitening and bonding as a less invasive and more affordable way to

transform your smile. We will whiten your teeth and then colour-match the composite resin to the new brighter shade before repairing any tooth wear and damage.

Dental implants

If you’re missing one or more teeth, it can make you hesitant to smile and cause issues with eating and socialising. Not only this, but it can also cause bone loss and - eventually - result in changes to your facial structure. Luckily, dental implants have the power to change all of that!

Implants are an incredibly realistic-looking, long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. They function just like your natural teeth, meaning they're one of the most popular solutions amongst our patients looking for a perfect smile in Fulham.

The implant itself consists of a titanium rod which functions as an artificial root for your tooth. Then, a crown (or artificial tooth) is custom-made to sit on top of the implant and blend in with your surrounding teeth, leaving you free to eat and smile confidently again.

Which dentist in Fulham should you choose to transform your smile?

At New Smile Fulham, our expert dentists have years of experience using cosmetic dental treatments to create perfect smiles for our patients. All our clinicians perform these procedures in the least invasive way possible, protecting your natural teeth whilst restoring their beautiful appearance.

As a private dental practice, we have no waiting lists for treatment! Most cosmetic procedures - like those listed above - can be achieved within three months or less, meaning we could revamp your smile just in time for summer.

If reading this blog has left you feeling motivated to change something about your smile and begin feeling confident again, why not book a FREE consultation at our friendly Fulham dental practice? We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth and take a 3D scan of your mouth to determine which treatment is best for you.



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