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How much is a private dentist in Fulham?

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If you’re looking for a new dentist in Fulham and weighing up your options, your first question is likely to be, "how much is a private dentist?". We know that cost is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best person to care for your oral health - that’s why we’re always transparent about our prices.

In this blog, we'll explore the cost of our private dental services and explain why visiting a private dentist in Fulham is a worthwhile investment in your oral health. We'll also introduce you to our membership plan, designed to help you manage the cost of dental visits whilst enjoying exclusive benefits.

Why choose a private dentist in Fulham?

Private dentistry offers several advantages when it comes to your dental care. While the cost of private dental services may be higher, the benefits are significant and worth the investment. Some of these advantages include:

  • Personalised care: private dentists in Fulham can provide more personalised and tailored treatments to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can expect individualised attention and the latest dental technologies for optimal care.

  • Prompt appointments: private dental practices typically offer shorter waiting times and more flexible appointment scheduling, ensuring you can access dental care when you need it most.

  • Comprehensive services: private dentists often offer a broader range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and advanced treatments that may not be available through the NHS.

  • High-quality materials: private practices invest in high-quality materials and equipment, ensuring you receive the best dental care available.

  • Focus on prevention: private dentists often emphasise preventive care to maintain your oral health and avoid costly dental issues down the road.

How much is a private dentist in Fulham?

The cost of private dental care can vary depending on the treatment, your location, and the dental practice you choose. It's important to note that private dentistry is an investment in your oral health, and the cost reflects the quality of care and services you receive.

Whilst specific prices will differ, here is guidance about the prices of some of our most popular treatments at New Smile Fulham:

Routine examinations

At our private dentist in Fulham, we charge £65 for a routine examination. If you’ve never visited us before, a new patient examination is £80. These appointments are essential for maintaining oral health and catching issues early.

Hygiene appointments

Our hygiene appointments cost £65 for existing patients and £85 for new patients. They include a scale and polish to remove stains, plaque, and tartar, along with our vital oral health advice to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

For an extra deep clean, AirFlow hygiene treatment costs £100 (or £185 for a new patient). Here, we use a gentle stream of air, powder, and water to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Composite fillings

The cost of dental fillings can vary based on the material used (e.g., amalgam or composite). We always use composite fillings, and prices for these start from £125.

Cosmetic dental treatment

At New Smile Fulham, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers can range from £350 to £2,000, depending on the type and complexity of the procedure.

Restorative work

More extensive restorative treatments like dental crowns, bridges, or dental implants may cost between £600 and £3,000 or more. These treatments are more complex and require different materials, which contributes to the cost.

Spread the cost of a private dentist in Fulham

At New Smile Fulham, we understand that managing the cost of private dental treatment can be a concern for many patients. To make high-quality dental care more accessible, we offer a membership plan designed to help you spread the cost of your dental visits whilst enjoying exclusive benefits.

For just £16.95 per month, you can become a member and receive the following advantages:

  • 10% Off necessary general dental treatment: as a member, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on essential general dental treatments, making oral health maintenance more cost-effective.

  • 25% Off teeth whitening and AirFlow cleaning: enhance your smile with our teeth whitening and AirFlow cleaning treatments at a 25% discount, exclusive to our members.

  • Free iTero 3D scans: Our membership plan includes free Itero 3D scans, a cutting-edge technology that accurately records the health of your teeth and can simulate smile design and Invisalign treatment plans.

  • Free Consultations all-year-round: receive free consultations throughout the year, allowing you to discuss your dental concerns and explore treatment options without incurring additional charges.

Why our membership plan is worth the investment

Becoming a member of our New Smile Fulham membership plan offers a cost-effective way to invest in a private dentist in Fulham and enjoy numerous benefits. Here's why our plan is worth the investment:

  • The 10% discount on necessary general dental treatments and significant discounts on cosmetic services make private dental care more affordable for members.

  • Our plan promotes preventive care, ensuring that you maintain excellent oral health and avoid more expensive treatments down the road.

  • Membership provides access to exclusive offers and complimentary services, enhancing your overall dental experience.

  • With our Membership Plan, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your dental health is in good hands, and you're receiving high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

Get started with a private dentist in Fulham

Private dental care is an investment in your oral health, providing personalised, comprehensive, and high-quality services that go beyond what public dental care can offer. While the cost of private dentistry varies depending on your treatment needs, it's important to consider the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

At New Smile Fulham, our membership plan is designed to help you manage the cost of private dental treatment while receiving exclusive benefits and saving on essential services. For just £16.95 per month, you can access top-notch dental care, enjoy discounts on various treatments, and ensure your oral health remains a top priority.

Join our plan today and experience the difference of private dentistry at New Smile Fulham!



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