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How much is professional teeth whitening in Fulham?

Person smiling showing white teeth

Welcome to New Smile Fulham, where we believe that a radiant smile is a true reflection of confidence. In the pursuit of a brighter, whiter smile, many individuals find themselves pondering the question: ‘How much is professional teeth whitening?’.  

Today, we delve into this query, providing insight into the cost of achieving that dazzling smile you've always dreamed of with our expert teeth whitening services in Fulham.

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

Before we delve into the costs, let's briefly explore why professional teeth whitening at New Smile Fulham is a worthwhile investment. Whilst over-the-counter products may promise whiter teeth, they often fall short in delivering the desired results. 

Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, ensures a safe, effective, and tailored approach to brightening your smile.

At New Smile Fulham, our skilled team employs advanced techniques and premium whitening systems to address a range of tooth discolouration issues. Whether your teeth have been stained by lifestyle factors, ageing, or dietary choices, our professional teeth whitening services in Fulham are designed to restore brilliance to your smile.

Which teeth whitening option is right for you? 

At New Smile Fulham, we recognise that every smile is unique. To cater to individual preferences, lifestyles, and  budgets, we offer two exceptional teeth whitening options: Boutique Teeth Whitening and Enlighten. 

Boutique Teeth Whitening

For those who prefer the convenience of whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own space, Boutique Teeth Whitening is an excellent choice. This home whitening system provides professional-grade whitening solutions along with custom-fitted trays. The process is simple yet effective, allowing you to achieve a brighter smile at your own pace.

Starting at just £295, Boutique Teeth Whitening is an affordable option that ensures professional results without the need for multiple in-surgery visits. This makes it an ideal choice for those with busy schedules or those who prefer the flexibility of home-based teeth whitening.


For those seeking immediate and dramatic results, our in-surgery option, Enlighten Whitening, is the answer. This premium whitening system is designed to achieve the lightest tooth shade possible, providing a truly transformative experience.

Enlighten Whitening offers a comprehensive in-surgery procedure that combines powerfully effective whitening agents with advanced technology. The result is a noticeably brighter and whiter smile, making it a popular choice for individuals looking for a quick and impactful transformation.

How much is professional teeth whitening in Fulham?

Now, let's delve into the specifics of the costs associated with professional teeth whitening at New Smile Fulham. Our commitment to making a brighter smile accessible to all is reflected in our competitive pricing for both Boutique and Enlighten Whitening options.

Boutique Teeth Whitening offers an affordable entry point into professional teeth whitening. With prices starting from £295, this option provides exceptional value for those who prefer the flexibility of whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own home. The bespoke trays and high-quality whitening gel ensure a personalised and effective whitening experience.

For those seeking a premium in-surgery whitening experience, Enlighten whitening starts from £495. This investment not only includes the expertise of our skilled dental professionals but also the assurance of achieving the lightest tooth shade possible. The comprehensive nature of Enlighten whitening makes it a popular choice for individuals desiring immediate and impactful results.

Invest in your brightest smile at New Smile Fulham

As you embark on the journey to a brighter, whiter smile, the cost of professional teeth whitening at New Smile Fulham reflects not just an investment in your appearance but also in your confidence. 

If you're considering teeth whitening in Fulham, trust the expertise of New Smile Fulham to deliver professional-grade results with a personalised touch. Visit our website to book a teeth whitening consultation today! 



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