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How to get a perfect smile in Fulham with composite bonding

At our Fulham dentist, we know how effective composite bonding treatment is for creating a perfect smile. This transformative treatment has become a firm favourite amongst our patients. And it’s no surprise, considering all its many benefits.

If you’re looking to create a perfect smile in Fulham with composite bonding treatment, you might have a few questions. Read on to find out everything you need to know, including our thoughts on why this popular treatment is so very special.

What is composite teeth bonding?

Before we go any further, let’s clear up the answer to this all-important question. Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses a composite resin mixture to change the appearance of your teeth.

The mixture itself resembles putty, and we refer to a shade guide so that it matches your natural teeth perfectly. The resin is perfect for filling small gaps, cracks or chips, as it’s malleable and easily shaped.

What happens during the procedure?

If you’re looking to create a perfect smile in Fulham, chances are you want to know what will happen during your treatment. You’ll be pleased to hear that the composite bonding procedure consists of three simple stages and often only takes an hour.

  1. First, we will assess your teeth and choose a shade for the composite resin. We slightly roughen the surface of each tooth to ensure the bonding sticks firmly.

  2. Then, we apply a type of conditioning liquid that helps the bonding stick. We apply the composite resin on top, smoothing it over each tooth and carefully sculpting it to create the perfect finish.

  3. Finally, we harden the bonding in place with ultraviolet light and polish the bonding, so it matches your natural teeth. And voila! There you have it - a perfectly smooth, white, even new smile.

Can I get composite bonding with other dental treatments?

Many patients come to us with more than one concern about their teeth. We offer expert smile makeovers, whereby we combine multiple cosmetic treatments, to create a bespoke result. Composite bonding is often an integral part of these makeovers.

It perfectly complements other cosmetic treatments, especially Invisalign clear aligners and teeth whitening. For instance, many people opt for teeth whitening before bonding, as the composite resin is then colour-matched to their new shade of teeth.

Or perhaps after Invisalign treatment to neaten up rough edges. The result? A stunningly bright, straight, neat smile!

What are the benefits of composite bonding?

Bonding has quickly become one of our most in-demand treatments. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

● The procedure is often painless

● It’s a cost-effective alternative to composite veneers

● The results can last for around five to seven years

● It’s non-invasive, which means no shaven teeth

● It often only takes around an hour to complete

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well luckily, it isn’t! As a cosmetic Fulham dentist, we have transformed thousands of smiles using this innovative treatment, so we have seen first-hand the difference it can make.

Hear from our happy patients

We can tell you how incredible this treatment is, but how can you know for certain? You can hear it directly from our happy patients! We love nothing more than knowing we have helped people to smile confidently again, so here are a couple of our favourite Google reviews:

“Dr Omer is the best dentist around, the practice is so warm and friendly, all the staff have a smile on their faces which is so refreshing to see. The standard of dentistry is like no other, with the latest equipment meant I didn’t have any impressions taken, just a 3D scan and that was it. The dentistry is so gentle with no pain. I 100% recommend this practice.”

“The New Smile Fulham is a well established Dental Practice. The professional and admin staff are all very courteous, efficient, on time. I can totally recommend Dr Omer, he has an excellent patient manner, carries out treatments very carefully and gives full clear information to the patient.”

Where can I get a perfect smile in Fulham with composite bonding?

If you're looking to visit an expert Fulham dentist for your composite bonding treatment, look no further than New Smile Fulham! We know everything there is to know about creating beautiful composite restorations, and we’re now accepting new patients.

If you want to know how we could straighten your smile, just book a consultation at our patient-friendly, modern dental practice in Fulham.



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