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Four cosmetic dental treatments to give you a perfect smile in Fulham

If you’re looking for a new smile, you should make sure you’re choosing the best Fulham dentist. After all, your teeth are worth a lot - and if you’re investing time and money in treatment, you’ll want your smile makeover to be perfect!

Our smiles are often the first thing people see, so it’s no wonder dental imperfections can significantly affect our confidence. At New Smile Fulham, we’re experts in fixing worn, damaged, uneven, and discoloured smiles. Here are five cosmetic treatments we use to achieve stunning results:

Composite bonding

Are your teeth looking worn and tired? We can’t say we’re surprised! Think about it - you use them every day, and they constantly come into contact with acidic and sugary foods and drinks.

Tooth wear is very normal, whether it’s chips, cracks, uneven surfaces, or discolouration. Luckily, composite edge bonding is the perfect way to create your new smile effectively and efficiently - and you won’t need to drain your savings account to cover the cost!

Tooth bonding involves the use of dental composite resin which is carefully colour-matched, then moulded to the perfect shape and bonded to your teeth. It can be performed in just one visit and is a low-cost and non-invasive option for many cosmetic issues.

It’s a versatile treatment and the perfect addition to any new smile. It doesn’t just repair the damage but can even fill small unwanted gaps between your teeth to create a fuller smile!

Teeth whitening

In your search for the best Fulham dentist, you’ll want to ensure they offer teeth whitening. At New Smile Fulham, we use it alongside other cosmetic treatments to create a bright, natural-looking result!

We recommend combining whitening and bonding as a less invasive and more affordable way to transform your smile. We will whiten your teeth and then colour-match the composite resin to the new brighter shade before repairing any imperfections.

Teeth whitening also works perfectly on its own and is one of the most affordable and effective ways to transform your smile in a short period. Our whitening treatments give long-lasting results within just a few weeks from the comfort of your home!

“I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received from Asha and the team at Smile Fulham. Having had a temporary root canal filling just before Covid and lockdown struck, I was left with a front tooth that had died and become grey. I was nervous about going to a new practice but I was immediately put at ease by how I was looked after with great care and professionalism. Suffice it to say after Asha had completed the root canal filling and prescribed some tooth whitening treatment my tooth is back to the same colour as the rest and I no longer feel self-conscious when I smile. My sincere thanks to the staff there and I look forward to my next visit with great confidence.”


Misaligned teeth are a source of anxiety and self-consciousness for many of us. Thankfully, we offer a discreet and transformative solution - no one will know you’re having treatment, and there’s no need for unsightly brackets or wires!

Invisalign clear aligners are made from SmartTrack plastic, meaning they’re almost invisible. You can also remove them whenever you need to eat, drink, brush, or floss your teeth - this means they’re more hygienic and convenient.

“I had the best Invisalign experience at this practice! Omer was patient and clear in explaining the process and was always on hand to answer any questions. Couldn’t ask for better and am happy with the results. Thanks so much, New Smile Fulham and Omer!”

Dental implants

If you’re missing one or more teeth, it can make you hesitant to smile and cause issues with eating and socialising. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has the power to change all of that!

Dental implants are an incredible solution to replace missing teeth. They function just like your natural teeth, meaning they're one of the most popular solutions.

A dental implant is a titanium rod which serves to function as an artificial root for your tooth. Then, a natural-looking crown is custom-made to sit on top of the implant and blend in with your natural teeth, leaving you to eat confidently again.

Where can I find the best Fulham dentist for my new smile?

Omer and the team would love to welcome you to our stunning new practice right in the heart of Fulham.

Book your FREE consultation today and visit our Fulham dentist inside Sainsbury's on Townmead Road.



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