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Regular hygiene appointments at our cosmetic dental practice near Battersea

We know that we need to visit the dentists every six months to maintain a good level of oral health, but check-ups alone aren't enough to future-proof your teeth. We offer hygiene appointments at our local Fulham practice, and we encourage you to book them as regularly as you would a standard dental check-up.

A shocking 33% of us have never visited the hygienist, proving that it’s not a top priority for many of us. Here are some reasons why hygiene appointments should take their rightful place at the top of our New Year to-do lists:

Get to those hard to reach places

As thoroughly as you floss and brush, you’re bound to miss spots – hygienists are equipped with the specialist tools to reach the gaps that even the most powerful electric toothbrush can’t reach.

Prevent gum disease

If your dentist notices any early signs of gum disease during a check-up, they’ll likely refer you to the hygienist. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of plaque, bacteria that hardens on the teeth. A hygienist will deeply clean your teeth to remove this ingrained tartar and plaque, especially in the places you’ve missed when brushing – this will stop gum disease in its tracks. The hygienist will also show you how to remove softer plaque at home.

Avoid expensive restorative treatment later in life

Regular visits to the hygienist will reduce your time spent in the dentist chair and save you money on treatments to repair damage caused by gum disease, tooth decay and other dental problems.

Detect mouth cancer early

Around 8,300 people are diagnosed with this each year in the UK and it’s usually extremely treatable if caught quickly. Your hygienist will screen you for mouth cancer during each appointment, increasing the likelihood of early detection – this is especially important if you’re a smoker.

Keep your teeth stain-free

As well as a scale and polish, hygienists can remove surface stains that affect the outer layer of your teeth. Visiting your hygienist a minimum of two times a year will prevent discolouration, keeping your teeth bright.

Get your confidence back

Tooth decay, discolouration and bad breath can massively knock your confidence and make social situations difficult to navigate. Regular hygiene appointments will keep your mouth fresh, clean and beautiful – your teeth will be the last thing on your mind!

Why not book a hygiene appointment along with your next regular check-up? Synchronising your visits could save you time and ensure you never forget to see the hygienist again!

Find us near Battersea by taking a short walk over Wandsworth Bridge. To book an appointment, get in touch via email at



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