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Where to get dental implants near you in Fulham, SW6

Our dentists at New Smile Fulham in South West London can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants. Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, can have a detrimental effect on your self-confidence – you may feel it gives others the impression that you don’t look after your teeth, although poor oral health isn’t the only cause. Dental implants are a permanent, natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement treatment that can restore your confidence to smile again.

At New Smile Fulham, Dr Sherif El-Sharkawy specialises in dental prosthetics, an area of dentistry that focuses on replacing missing teeth and bone. Dental implants are a perfect example of prosthetic dentistry; they are essentially artificial teeth embedded into your jaw. A titanium rod functions as the artificial root for your tooth, and a crown acts as a replacement for the tooth itself.

During the procedure, the implant is surgically placed into your jawbone, integrating with the surrounding bone material in a process called osseointegration – this can take anywhere from three to six months. After osseointegration has taken place, our specialist implant dentist will restore the tooth using an artificial crown. The result is a stunning, natural-looking and fully functioning tooth. Voilà!

Because dental implants integrate into your bone in this way, they are a much sturdier and more permanent solution to missing teeth. You may have heard horror stories of loose, wobbly dentures that restrict your diet and leave you feeling anxious in social situations; with implants, these concerns are a thing of the past. They have a greater biting force than dentures, and they won’t budge when you speak, eat or laugh.

Missing teeth don’t just harm your confidence, but they can affect your bone structure too. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone is no longer stimulated by chewing – the bone ‘reabsorbs’ into the body for use elsewhere, causing a loss of bone density. Implants stabilise your jawbone and other teeth around them, protecting your tissue and encouraging new bone growth as you chew.

Dental implants can support anything from one single tooth to an entire mouth of missing teeth. This effective treatment can also anchor a denture into place, which may be a more cost-effective solution if you want to replace more than one tooth.

At New Smile Fulham, we believe that all patients should have a free consultation before they proceed with treatment. Whilst our dental implant treatment is safe and effective, and our implant dentist is highly skilled, it’s only right that you’re armed with all the facts before proceeding with such a permanent procedure. Book your free consultation today to speak to our implant dentist about a single missing tooth or multiple teeth and find out if dental implants are the best treatment for you.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, you’ll our local Fulham practice in South West London is just a short walk across Wandsworth bridge from Imperial Wharf station. Find us inside the Sainsbury’s on Townmead Road.



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