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Six ways to care for your teeth and gums this World Oral Health Day

Today is World Oral Health Day, designed to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. At New Smile Fulham, we know just how crucial oral health is for maintaining our overall health and well-being - that’s why we always prioritise prevention over cure when it comes to dental treatment.

Poor oral health can lead to various dental and gum problems, which can ultimately result in significant discomfort, pain, and even tooth loss. By visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly, and implementing a thorough routine at home, you can keep your natural teeth for life.

In this blog post, we will share some useful tips to help you care for your teeth and gums on World Oral Health Day - and beyond!

1. Brush twice a day

Brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of good oral hygiene. We recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time - ideally as soon as you wake up, before you eat breakfast, and again right before you go to bed.

Brushing your teeth helps to remove plaque and food particles that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste to effectively clean your teeth.

Try to wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking anything sugary or acidic to brush your teeth. Your enamel will be in a weakened state at this point, meaning that brushing them could cause more problems than it will solve.

2. Floss and use interdental brushes

Flossing and interdental brushing should be essential parts of any oral hygiene routine, although they're often overlooked. They help to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth and gums that your toothbrush cannot reach, preventing a range of issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

We recommend you incorporate flossing into your oral hygiene routine at least once a day to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

3. Use a fluoride mouthwash

Mouthwash can help to freshen your breath and kill bacteria in your mouth, preventing gum disease and tooth decay. It can be especially helpful for staving off infection when your wisdom teeth begin coming through.

We recommend choosing an antiseptic mouthwash that contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen your teeth - although you should only use mouthwash before you brush, otherwise you risk rinsing away the valuable fluoride from your toothpaste.

4. Eat a tooth-friendly diet

A balanced diet can help to improve your overall health - and your oral health is no exception. Choose foods that are rich in calcium, such as cheese, leafy green vegetables, and almonds.

Calcium helps to strengthen your teeth and bones. Wherever possible, you should try to avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks, as they can erode your tooth enamel and increase your risk of tooth decay.

5. Limit sugary snacks and drinks to mealtimes

Sugary snacks and drinks, such as sweets, cola, and juice, can increase your risk of decay. Each time you consume sugar, it reacts with the bacteria in your plaque, producing acids that damage your enamel. By limiting your sugar consumption to mealtimes, you can reduce the amount of time your teeth spend under attack from these harmful bacteria.

If you do consume sugary or acidic drinks, we suggest using a straw to reduce the amount of contact between sugary drinks and your teeth. You can also sip plenty of water throughout the day to help wash away food particles and keep your mouth hydrated.

6. Choose a Fulham dental practice that offers a monthly membership plan

All the above tips are fool proof ways to keep your teeth healthy and happy from home - but these alone aren’t enough to maintain your smile. Visiting your Fulham dentist and hygienist every six months for a thorough examination and cleaning is non-negotiable.

We know routine dental appointments aren’t always affordable, which is why we have created our New Smile Fulham membership plan! The plan gives you a convenient way to spread the cost of your dental visits over the year, and it has some amazing additional benefits such as:

  • 10% off any necessary general dental treatment.

  • 25% off Teeth Whitening and Airflow cleaning treatments.

  • Free iTero 3D scan (used to record the health of your teeth alongside simulating smile design and creating Invisalign treatment plans).

  • Free consultations all year round.

It offers everything you need to keep your teeth and gums in top condition throughout the year without breaking the bank.

What should I do if I notice an issue with my oral health?

If you ever notice any issues with your oral health such as bleeding, inflammation, pain, or anything out of the ordinary, the first thing you should do is book an appointment at our Fulham dental practice.

Early intervention is often the key to preventing severe damage, and as a private dental practice, you won’t be faced with a long waiting list for treatment. In fact, we can often see you right away.

Get in touch with a friendly member of our team to ask us a question or book an appointment.



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